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– K Larson

Olivia is the absolute best!! This was my first time buying a home, by myself, at 24 and I couldn’t have done it without her. I originally met her through a referral and I attended a virtual home-buying-101 session that she gave. The session was so informative and helpful. A few months later from there, my home buying search began. I was so indecisive about so many things and she was so patient with me. She fought for each offer we gave and in the end she ended up helping me find my perfect home! She negotiated a lower price and even got the seller to fix a TON around the house which would have ended up costing me well over a thousand dollars. I felt way better doing home tours with her, as she knew all the tiny things to point out that I definitely would have missed otherwise. I really appreciated all she did to help me find my home – 10000000% recommend!