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Joy Harvey

Joy was born and raised in Thailand. She’s known on Scott Team International for her caring nature with clients, she always puts her clients' best interests before her own. Her philosophy in business is to make sure her clients are always taken care of fully. During downtime though, Joy is the team ‘foodie’. She always has the knowledge of the best restaurants in the area. Joy networks with the Thai community in the DMV area and hopes to provide a helping hand through the real estate process to those who speak English as a second language. Joy buys and sells real estate a lot in her neighborhood of Clarksburg, but she is also licensed in Maryland and Virginia and has tons of experience working all across the DMV.


  • On my day off the first thing I do is: "Play with my kids!"
  • My go-to outfit is: "Jeans and a T-Shirt, and flip flops"
  • My drink of choice is: "Coconut Water"
  • BONUS: In the Thai community, Joy is famous for her papaya salad. She also loves dancing!