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Olivia Fenton

Olivia Fenton is an original member of the Scott family, Alecia’s oldest daughter. She grew up with quite the role model for a mom who inspired her to take up a career in real estate after graduating college. Olivia has since successfully established herself as the local realtor in her neighborhood and continues to put effort into growing her business network. Olivia has her real estate license in both Maryland and Virginia, and has experience working with buyers and sellers all across the DMV. On the side, Olivia is also a Beach Body fitness rep. She encourages exercises with friends who join the program through diet and training regiments.


  • My drink of choice is: “Alcoholic- Grapefruit Crush or Non Alcoholic- Unsweet Iced Tea with Lemon”
  • On my days off, the first thing I do is: “visit friends and/or travel”
  • My spouse can be best described as: “A handsome genius”